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Google Maps (Singapore):

Street view has now been fully implemented into Google maps.

Google has partnered with Singapore Land Transport Authority with the latter providing up to date traffic/transit information
as well as public bus/MRT routes and schedules for implementation into Google Maps.

Very useful for the planning of driving route from starting point to destination. Just click on the "Get directions" link. Make use of the navigation menu on the left and the drag ruler to zoom in/out. There's even a option to avoid highway. You can form an alternative route by dragging "A" and "B" and the circles formed when pointed at the blue line. Right click on the circles to select "remove this destination" or "add a destination" option. Results even includes mileage. Directions for walking is now also included.

Double left click on the map to centralise and zoom in. Double right click to zoom out. Left click and hold to drag the map.

You can also right click on a particular location to display a menu with extra options. (options include "Directions from here" "Directions to here", "Centralise map here", "Zoom in/out")

Users of Firefox should press the ESC button on your keyboard after right clicking to reveal the menu.

Convert between satellite, map or terrain view. Satellite button has a show label function.
I can search for terms like for example "wisma atria" and it displays the exact location.

Good for the planning of driving route but map data can sometimes not be up to date. Able to search using keywords.

SLA Streetmap:
A street directory alternative affiliated with the Singapore government.

Powered by Onemap. Useful for searching nearby amenities and bus arrival timing.

Powered by Google Maps. Provides great information on current traffic conditions in Singapore.


Powered by Onemap and Google Maps.


Powered by Onemap and Google Maps. 

Powered by Openstreetmap with data from ArcGIS. Option to change the base map.

Features of

1. Includes bus service/bus stop info as well as arrival time. Just click on the bus icon (some express bus services still missing).

2. Displays location of taxi stands in CBD. Look out for the orange icon.

3. Location and rates of car parks as indicated by a "P" icon.

4. Location of ERP gantries and rates has also been added as indicated by a "ERP" icon.

5. Driving directions now includes option to avoid erp gantries as well as the ability to calculate rates based on the time of a journey.

6. Search for directions by taxi, with a estimate of fare/surcharges

7. Great directions search from starting point to destination. 


Here Maps Singapore:
Powered by Nokia.

Search by road name, building name, postal code, bus service number, MRT or bus interchange. Location of bus stops and info on bus service numbers are also available.

Openstreetmap Singapore:
Open source street map of Singapore.

URA Maps:
Option to select different base maps.

Google Maps derivatives:
A list of directories built on Google maps.
Building on google maps with its own functionality. Can also search by postal code, building name/landmark or keywords. Locations of bus stops/amenities are indicated by a icon. Results can be searched for nearby amenities.

Shownearby Directions:
Click on 'Set Location' in the "From" and "To" row to set your starting and ending location respectively. The click on "Get Directions". You can also do a swap between the starting and ending points by selecting "Swap Direction". Has a special play function for driving directions. Planning of driving directions does not allow alternative changes to a route unlike Google Maps. Options to avoid ERP or expressways are not available.

Bus/MRT Guide
Transitlink Public Transport Journey planner:

Bus Guide:

Bus arrival timing

Diversion of bus routes/route amendment/service withdrawal:




Fares and surcharges

Taxi fare calculator

Taxi stand location

ERP/car park rates and other traffic/travel info

HDB Centralised Map Services:

This map service allows you to locate the following information:
    Various HDB housing matters (Resale Flat Prices, Ethnic Group Eligibility for Buyers, HDB's
    Upgrading/Estate Renewal Programme, Distance Enquiry for CPF Housing Grants for Family)

    HDB Car Park (Car Parks, Season Parking, Family Season Parking)

    HDB Shops (Shops, Markets, Cooked Food Centres)

    HDB Business (Industrial Estates / Developments)